Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bliss of discipline..

Wondering right.. that I am talking about the BLiss of Discipline!
Discipline n me never went together.. n if you knew me you wouldn't agree less. My discipline was simple - to be as impulsive with anything as i could be. I was not to be defined by anything.
Everyday I would do different things differently and i hated repetition.
But ya, after a long time I have embarked upon this revelation that to enjoy your independence thoroughly and more... you need discipline in your life. Not one that someone else has imposed upon you but one that you have drafted for yourself.
And the merits are amazing.

I had life on the edge - anytime living! This anytime living made my system ready for surprises. And people around me made sure that they NEVer rely on me. I liked it!
There's so much to learn by being impromptu and it is a definite characteristic of the young, fired up individuals who have a zest to grab all that they can do and know. Discipline is a hated word then...
I had my parties, late nights- that was long back. Overnights and next day going cruising on the bike to a faraway place is another madness.. To eat whenever, not to sleep much coz it wastes your time.. I had a life.

The by product - sleepless, clueless, body starts complaining in sometime. System goes haywire.. n dude you still have to work and perform right??

So for a good day in your life, you need a good nights sleep for like 7-8 hours for a continuous period, good food had on time - no overeating, lots of water, fruits in some portions (they have amazing feel good factor for the body) and a very chilled out attitude..(NOT TO think and stress yourself) all this is summed up in one word- COMMON SENSE! This helps...
And how you arrange to get all these basic vitalities in and around your life is your call - your discipline.

Like for me I know that if I get up late in the mornings, then I am gonna get stuck up in the crazy, dusty Mumbai traffic.. and the sun is gonna burn my skin off - makes me get up despite anything and run. Now if i don't want to run in the mornings to avoid the above scene.. I better sleep on time and get a real good sleep..now for a real good sleep, I definitely need a light meal had on time to not trouble my body from getting some real deep sleep. So when I calculate backwards, I realize that my discipline helps me get more out of my time and myself.. rather than feeling that ohh- no- 24 hours are too less for anything!

There's lot out there to do and also to do it well... there's lot you have in your hand. And the key in your hand is - discipline!

What do you think folks??

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Of disorders and neurosis!

Now thats some consistency..Sne!! :)
Its almost a year since I wrote my first blog post. Deleted the two consecutive to this one as they were too not the way I wanted to be... About love and shove .. :(

Frankly speaking people, I have no idea or a constructive base or a theme to write something on. Its so random - i just let my thoughts flow and parallely pour them out on this medium.
Neither do i understand what exactly blogging still means- I don't know if I am a good writer or no and i also know this opinion is going to keep changing from person to person.

Well, I am currently reading this book - The Road Less Travelled - very very intriguing book. It is heavy psychotherapy stuff and I can see the author's deep feeling of wanting the readers to understand and get what he is trying to say. It uncovered me - I literally feel stripped when I read the book and it is difficult to put it down or get bored cause it is talking what you want to hear and so others. Its good that it exposes why we make certain choices, why we can't get over certain people, what exactly is love- oh my god- the author almost convinces you that being in love is a neurotic disorder and there is no such thing as love. And that blows you right in the face. How every person regardless of anything, is selfish.

The psychotherapist is himself so mad so as to uncover these mental mysteries, understand them and make the readers understand that I come to this conclusion that no one on this planet is sane - everyone is living with some or the disorder or pattern that can be equally analyzed, put up with some name and treated if it could. No one is spared.

I could identify with certain things in the book so much that it answered a lot of my questions. Why I was experiencing a similar pattern of things? Why was falling for those same people regardless of what they did to me? I am not sure I can deal with these things better with this knowledge or no - but I am thankful I have reasons for these.

Well ya, i m at work doing some imp work thanks to not many people around today - it was the guilt kidaa in me to come to work on my weekly off sat out of some feeling of not doing justice to work. So here I am.. I will go home early today and figure out what is that disorder which makes you do things out of guilt and otherwise... LOL..

See you guys around... Do post honest comments - I am a neurotic personality to ever retaliate, always ready to listen and at first may also agree that we might be wrong somewhere...so most welcome for some honest feedback..

Ciao for now!