Marne se pehle jeena seekh le..

Hmmm.. quite a familiar thought isn't it? How we love it when someone comes, listens to our whines and then tells us tolive, let go, be easy.. its ok! :)

No matter how strong we are, no matter how much we have or we don't, no matter how less are the things to bother us.. we all love to crave for attention..most of the times - we whine n are accustomed to cryin out, bein miserable so that somebody stops and looks at us..

Its ingrained in our system that being happy and showin off how lucky u r..invites the j factor of ruinin it.. We all are safe until we r cryin abt something...
This pretence seems a safe compromise n might work towards..well actually I don't know what it wud work for.. but we feel it the right way..
But with time this harmless pretence and way of ice breakin (breaking conversations) ends up takin a toll n makin us lose more than wht we aimed for..

We all feel somebody up there, is going to pity us and give us more.. How Awesome!
Ask yourself this question - Why would anyone award you for being a complaining, whining prick? Would you? You won't.

Its time we did some inception to our deep rooted beliefs, culture and inherited ancestral baggage... We need to show off what we truly believe in, what we truly love to be and how much we appreciate what we already have got..n not bore the almighty with more to handle..We should actually free ourselves to go beyond our own limitations and prisons... We should stand true to our highest potential..and seriously there is no time to be conscious of what someone will feel..

We need to keep our Creator happy...just worry about what he will think about You.
Its a life gifted so that we live, enjoy and feel all that we may never feel again.



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