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Solitude in happiness....


I have been on an exile and I have come back different.. :) Feels good. Its like always.. been long since I wrote or blogged. Everyday as I begin my day.. There are situations, dialogues, incidents which I decide to tweet in 160 characters or write a full fledged blog pouring out my views on the topic. But trust, there were just so many things that I have observed that when I used to sit in front of the word editor, I used to blank out.

For me, everything works out. :) I have the insight to see through a situation and congratualte myself that the result is anyways beneficial to me. Don't wonder.. I am in control of my perspective. That's it!

Life has been loving, lovely, gentle, exciting, tipsy, loud, chaotic and calm. But this December around, somethings have turned out very different from the last 11 months of this year. In the solitude of these nights, I realized that though they seemed perfect in a way.. the times that went by were flawed more because I refused to ac…

Why I love Osho..

Osho : ”It is easy to be a sculptor because you are working with lifeless objects. You can create beautiful statues but those statues are dead. You cannot relate with them, you are alive. There is no dialogue possible between life and death.

 You can appreciate; you can enjoy; it is your creation. You can feel fulfilled — whatever you wanted, you succeeded in doing it. But remember one thing: on the other side, there is no one. You are alone.

 Because of this situation, there are people who can love their dogs, who can love their gardens, who can love their cars, who can love anything in the world except man. Because man means you are not alone, the other is there. It is a dialogue. With a statue, it is a monologue. The statue is not going to say anything, is not going to criticize you, is not going to possess you. You possess the statue; you can sell it in the market. But that you cannot do with a human being. That is the problem.

 When you start relating with human beings, you have…

And the tough gets going.

Possibly the toughest phase of my life. Like always,I have defied the customary regular straight path to anything. I have been without a job and getting another one seems like a lottery. Not because I can't, but this time I am serious about my career and which way I take now on really decides my life.

My priorities shifted and shook like a tsunami. Life suddenly seemed extremely real.
There were issues, money issues, experience issues, job issues, strained relationship issues n on n on.
I felt from within like a hapless soul. I knew I am jacked for the first time. My own words of Chill, it will happen soon, started scaring me.

I was frantically moving about meeting people I thought I would never meet again. I was asking for help. I had no time to think or be worried about my ego and stupid things. Nothing mattered as it mattered. I was saving my life literally. I remember weeks and weeks of agony of trying everything I could and waiting for a message or a call or an email and n…

India : You showed me to NEVER SAY NEVER~~


Its just been a few minutes that an excellent performance of Cricket made me sit on the edge of my Baithak churning with excitement to scream for every 4 or 6 my team was hitting.

I watched the second innings from 13th over onwards.. I underestimated it to be another regular shuffle n struggle from the Indian Cricket Team but not really a glory fought for. And I am so glad I was proved wrong. :)

India EARNED the World Cup and All My Hats off to Mahendra Singh DHONI, Captain of the Indian Team.

As I was expecting, the fall of the crucial twosome at the top order was going to have had the Indian Team sitting with low expectations and fear. The pressure in this match was tremendous. And me, I wasn't really with my team then.

The spectacle turning point was the fall of sachin and sehwag with no runs build up to boost everyone's confidence. SACHIN TENDULKAR to say the least did not go as expected. Here is where most the people start to look at other things around …

Out of boredom

Here I am in my office.. the sun is about to set in some time. I am not exactly bored but I definitely don't want to work. I don't want to work, yes.
For the past 3 weeks, I have been tortured by the thoughts of what I really want to do in my life.. not tht it had spared me before but it was too much that I could not work properly. Its like a voice roaring and telling me - What the **** are you doing? And Why??
NO answer.

I feel I glorify the feeling which must be concurrent to any other person struggling to find his purpose in life. :) for anyone, his own issue is such a big thing. Its my big round world staring in my face, such that I can't see anything else.

Funny it all is.. really!

The mandate of life.

Long time.. Hellos,

Hope life's all good with you with all the ups n downs. The way change keeps happening, it must've happened to all I am sure. New places, new designations, new jobs ( ask me:)), new family if you are married, new relationships, new discoveries for urself. Change is so constant.

Still some things stay the same. In my earlier para, I spoke of the positive changes coz that's what happens any which ways. To look at the other side, yea it would mean you may have lost your job, got fired, gave up on one or you have been dumped, cheated or abandoned someone in the earlier relationship and likewise.

Yes, stuff keeps happening. How many times our expectations crash, heart breaks, sadness prevails, but still things keep changing. Nothing truly lasts forever. While we focus on the casualty of disappointments with regards to what we thought would work in our way and the dramatization of our feelings n sympathies, it slips our attention..doesn't it? WHAT? - Th…


Its only words and words are all I have...

More than words..

We have two songs here, classics they are - both trying to say something and how - WORDS. Its words which have been used to communicate something to you. So is it all words or more than that..I am touching this aspect of words..coz I do not anymore believe in words. And it would do us all a lot more good.. if we control our reliance on words.

N why do I think so? Coz most of the people I spent my time with moulded this thought in me..their actions were never married to their words. Infact, if we pay attention or we carefully listen to what everyone is saying, meaning and intending..we would realize we only believe what we have been conditioned to believe, what we would want to believe.

Why is the association with words?

Words have their importance of being THE Way to communicate and get through. Communication - one of the most important and most vital needs of human beings. It all starts from there. There is verbal communicat…