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Its only words and words are all I have...

More than words..

We have two songs here, classics they are - both trying to say something and how - WORDS. Its words which have been used to communicate something to you. So is it all words or more than that..I am touching this aspect of words..coz I do not anymore believe in words. And it would do us all a lot more good.. if we control our reliance on words.

N why do I think so? Coz most of the people I spent my time with moulded this thought in me..their actions were never married to their words. Infact, if we pay attention or we carefully listen to what everyone is saying, meaning and intending..we would realize we only believe what we have been conditioned to believe, what we would want to believe.

Why is the association with words?

Words have their importance of being THE Way to communicate and get through. Communication - one of the most important and most vital needs of human beings. It all starts from there. There is verbal communicat…