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The mandate of life.

Long time.. Hellos,

Hope life's all good with you with all the ups n downs. The way change keeps happening, it must've happened to all I am sure. New places, new designations, new jobs ( ask me:)), new family if you are married, new relationships, new discoveries for urself. Change is so constant.

Still some things stay the same. In my earlier para, I spoke of the positive changes coz that's what happens any which ways. To look at the other side, yea it would mean you may have lost your job, got fired, gave up on one or you have been dumped, cheated or abandoned someone in the earlier relationship and likewise.

Yes, stuff keeps happening. How many times our expectations crash, heart breaks, sadness prevails, but still things keep changing. Nothing truly lasts forever. While we focus on the casualty of disappointments with regards to what we thought would work in our way and the dramatization of our feelings n sympathies, it slips our attention..doesn't it? WHAT? - Th…