The mandate of life.

Long time.. Hellos,

Hope life's all good with you with all the ups n downs. The way change keeps happening, it must've happened to all I am sure. New places, new designations, new jobs ( ask me:)), new family if you are married, new relationships, new discoveries for urself. Change is so constant.

Still some things stay the same. In my earlier para, I spoke of the positive changes coz that's what happens any which ways. To look at the other side, yea it would mean you may have lost your job, got fired, gave up on one or you have been dumped, cheated or abandoned someone in the earlier relationship and likewise.

Yes, stuff keeps happening. How many times our expectations crash, heart breaks, sadness prevails, but still things keep changing. Nothing truly lasts forever. While we focus on the casualty of disappointments with regards to what we thought would work in our way and the dramatization of our feelings n sympathies, it slips our attention..doesn't it? WHAT? - The mandates!

I know it is something you would never agree on had you been going through a tough time, but seriously we forget the mandates!

Mandates- those things that are going to continue happening no matter what.

1) Breathing : Ohh! We have to be reminded that we breathe! :) The most reliable proof of the very present moment. Breathe! Through anything n everythin, as long as you are going to live, you will be breathing.

2) Eating : Yes, we need to eat and sooner or later than the heartbreak we do eat! It is stupid to not want to eat to justify your emotional depth of the bruise. Mostly, we would be eating to soothe ourselves.

3) Shitting : Ohh crap! What am I talking about? Yes, crap! It would be surprising to believe this but the very Hush-hush n shame associated with this thing has made most of the population succumbing to IBS...

4) Farting : Yes baby, you are an organism processing things inside and you are gonna pass that gas out. Sometimes, it gives you the much needed laugh-at-yourself.. doesn't it? :)

5) Loving : We were born to, meant to love and be loved. That is the thing we live for. No matter what You are going to love love. Keep loving push it harder n move on to it!

6) Family : Easily ignored. Those who are always there for us, worrying about us and whose attention we mostly end up taking for granted. Don't. They need you. It's a good reason to push through your end-of-the-world feeling. They are ALWAYS AROUND.

7) For the person who should really care about, your creator : Yea folks, think about that ONE who made you! He made you with all his love, he brought you in this life for a purpose he knows the best. Remember, all your disappointments n roadblocks would be his way of pushing you to where u really need to be. So, you need not ever feel down when something does not work out..just know he is there for you. It's an awesome feeling to trust him n leave your worries right there.

Now do you find enough reasons as to where you can focus your attention at the time of crisis and dejection.
All the glamour, ettiquettes, style, status, culture, ratings go off where there is the need to survive. And those things are the most important to get through.

I have written this post with regards to God Knows how many lives out there in the quake-stricken Japan who must be battling and picking up pieces of their lives when all that they had materially, socially and also for their identity got washed off in minutes and they were left bare with Mother Earth. They are surviving and also giving us hope through their amazing stories of surviving the most horrifying tsunami disaster till date.

The mandates of life must say, make us go on. I realized that while feeling low n bad for myself in those tough times, had I paid attention to these mandates n eased myself, the rest was anyways gonna be the way it happened. :)

As goes Paulo Coelho - No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up.

Signing off..


  1. you forgot "smiling" in the list :)

  2. Hey Rambler...
    Thanks for reading. Yea..u r right..just tht ppl stop smiling as well. Wht I hav mentioned r things tht dont change anyways..

    We indeed must smile as a mandate. :)


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