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India : You showed me to NEVER SAY NEVER~~


Its just been a few minutes that an excellent performance of Cricket made me sit on the edge of my Baithak churning with excitement to scream for every 4 or 6 my team was hitting.

I watched the second innings from 13th over onwards.. I underestimated it to be another regular shuffle n struggle from the Indian Cricket Team but not really a glory fought for. And I am so glad I was proved wrong. :)

India EARNED the World Cup and All My Hats off to Mahendra Singh DHONI, Captain of the Indian Team.

As I was expecting, the fall of the crucial twosome at the top order was going to have had the Indian Team sitting with low expectations and fear. The pressure in this match was tremendous. And me, I wasn't really with my team then.

The spectacle turning point was the fall of sachin and sehwag with no runs build up to boost everyone's confidence. SACHIN TENDULKAR to say the least did not go as expected. Here is where most the people start to look at other things around …

Out of boredom

Here I am in my office.. the sun is about to set in some time. I am not exactly bored but I definitely don't want to work. I don't want to work, yes.
For the past 3 weeks, I have been tortured by the thoughts of what I really want to do in my life.. not tht it had spared me before but it was too much that I could not work properly. Its like a voice roaring and telling me - What the **** are you doing? And Why??
NO answer.

I feel I glorify the feeling which must be concurrent to any other person struggling to find his purpose in life. :) for anyone, his own issue is such a big thing. Its my big round world staring in my face, such that I can't see anything else.

Funny it all is.. really!