India : You showed me to NEVER SAY NEVER~~


Its just been a few minutes that an excellent performance of Cricket made me sit on the edge of my Baithak churning with excitement to scream for every 4 or 6 my team was hitting.

I watched the second innings from 13th over onwards.. I underestimated it to be another regular shuffle n struggle from the Indian Cricket Team but not really a glory fought for. And I am so glad I was proved wrong. :)

India EARNED the World Cup and All My Hats off to Mahendra Singh DHONI, Captain of the Indian Team.

As I was expecting, the fall of the crucial twosome at the top order was going to have had the Indian Team sitting with low expectations and fear. The pressure in this match was tremendous. And me, I wasn't really with my team then.

The spectacle turning point was the fall of sachin and sehwag with no runs build up to boost everyone's confidence. SACHIN TENDULKAR to say the least did not go as expected. Here is where most the people start to look at other things around knowing that the game has gone right out of our hands.

Gambhir holds on well. The most unexpected at a WORLD CUP FINAL would be a change in the batting order by the captain. Oh! He is now in the red eye of everyone. AND YEA.. HE walks in with pride on the field to bat!

Like the past record holds true, everyone says this one is not gonna play, its a complete dud!

And yes, me too said it Bang ON! "YE KYA KHELEGA?"

Slowly with him scoring 20 runs closely with the balls faced, I started to feel my gut.I was definitely going to be proven wrong.

By his 40 runs, I realize the potential of a man who thoroughly believes in himself and who is fighting with none but himself. I am Forced in my subconscious to admit I am Wrong! This feeling is brilliant coz no one else can hear it. I just Know it.

I cheer him on till the end, totally exuberant and flabbergasted by his sole victory.

Here stands a man, who proved god knows how many people wrong. His disposition on the field, his interaction with Yuvraj, his composure and immense strength of his spirit and mind was visible.
I witnessed a Captain most certain about his chances and ways to prove them just right.

I watched as I remembered the enthu and craziness of my school friend and me, when we went all out on the night before the Final World Cup match in 2003. We had the belief, we had the wishes and we were equally the sport that we were. Later on, the years that followed, I saw less of cricket and matches and always had no feel good factor for any victory of my country in Cricket.

Today, I am proud to admit having been proved wrong, having to celebrate the worthwhile anticipation and excitement that the Indian Cricket Team bestowed upon all.

It showed me in no uncertain and loud terms that Baby, you Never Say Never. That someday things will turn around. You have to just keep going for it.

All wishes to MS Dhoni, The Real Hero of the night. This was totally his. For having turned so many things around in one night. Special thanks to Gary Kirsten. The mental preparation and attitude of the players won us through this afterall.

Tomorrow..He is the Hero, a remarkable captain gone down in the victorious World Cup match, He has been forgiven n loved by millions, he got us OUR Cup and he made me rethink what I let go.

Thank you endlessly.



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