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And the tough gets going.

Possibly the toughest phase of my life. Like always,I have defied the customary regular straight path to anything. I have been without a job and getting another one seems like a lottery. Not because I can't, but this time I am serious about my career and which way I take now on really decides my life.

My priorities shifted and shook like a tsunami. Life suddenly seemed extremely real.
There were issues, money issues, experience issues, job issues, strained relationship issues n on n on.
I felt from within like a hapless soul. I knew I am jacked for the first time. My own words of Chill, it will happen soon, started scaring me.

I was frantically moving about meeting people I thought I would never meet again. I was asking for help. I had no time to think or be worried about my ego and stupid things. Nothing mattered as it mattered. I was saving my life literally. I remember weeks and weeks of agony of trying everything I could and waiting for a message or a call or an email and n…