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Solitude in happiness....


I have been on an exile and I have come back different.. :) Feels good. Its like always.. been long since I wrote or blogged. Everyday as I begin my day.. There are situations, dialogues, incidents which I decide to tweet in 160 characters or write a full fledged blog pouring out my views on the topic. But trust, there were just so many things that I have observed that when I used to sit in front of the word editor, I used to blank out.

For me, everything works out. :) I have the insight to see through a situation and congratualte myself that the result is anyways beneficial to me. Don't wonder.. I am in control of my perspective. That's it!

Life has been loving, lovely, gentle, exciting, tipsy, loud, chaotic and calm. But this December around, somethings have turned out very different from the last 11 months of this year. In the solitude of these nights, I realized that though they seemed perfect in a way.. the times that went by were flawed more because I refused to ac…