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Fool's Paradise

Lets talk today about the fool's paradise - marriage! Not all may agree.. but when did I write about agreeable stuff anyways..

So as far as those who have woken up from the amazing Matrix set around us in reality.. Marriage is glorified slavery. Tie down someone no matter what.. 'u happy not happy.. baby u married' No questions asked.  Lets define marriage - It kills what two ppl shared as individuals and turns them into these zombies tied down by fragile, recycled papers and with a million expectations of everyone whose business it is not.  Its not a cynical definition, its how we spend our life. I did not wake up today n decide to kick the ass of this ridiculous institution. But I wanna talk about it.. why not. 
Its where you see lawyers lust at you because you wanna have that one recycled piece of paper to separate you from someone you are long over with. Unlike a wedding, no one really comes to be with you. You are alone. 
We are waking up to the disgraced treatment m…

What is Forever?

Our eternal belief, ingrained deep inside us - forever. We love everything which is forever. We want everything to last forever. We buy things that will last forever or at least wish they would.

Our relationship with forever decides our relationships as well. Who just falls in love today? We fall for an idea of forever. Anything that makes us feel better in the moment, wanting to make it last for a lifetime..we make our pick accordingly.
We do not invest in anything without a guarantee. It is ok with life insurance policies or lifetime membership of clubs. But I wonder if most of us will ever wake up to letting some things in life just take their own course.

We plan so much, we feel life is in our control. And when life surprises us which it is supposed to, we come up with all the drama to pacify ourselves.

Nothing is forever. This moment is forever. When I love someone and I want them forever its in this moment.    
You understand this once you have lived through a forever. You will real…

Just @ Work!

Success is not something you pursue. Success is something you attract by the person you become.
What a wonderful statement to ponder upon. Why are we not brought up with these teachings. They are certainly vital than all the gyaan we have been rataoing and puking in our answer papers. 
Only some of us find their way around. Others live their life in a mist and wonder what went wrong with them. 
Self Discovery is a life saver but isn't realized so. 
I had my 4th or 5th time of running out of my house with packed bags and moving into a decent room all for myself. Its been 3 days and nights. The first day I was greeted with beautiful rains hitting Mumbai for the first time. The cool and lush of green captivated me signalling my move had been brave and necessary. It was congratulating me for having finally taken upon courage to actually make it happen and now 'living with it'.  I have a mate sincerely understanding of my awkwardness to my new surroundings and adjustments. She loves…

Who Do I Think I Am

We all have days of different intensities.. Some days we feel enlightened and sorted, some days we wonder if that was true. I feel its enough that such times should come and spoil my time till I feel better again.
Hence I am going to remind myself of things that do not cross my troubled mind.

1) Music- My happy pill. Instant, guaranteed uplifter.
2) Life Membership For Swimming- This is water therapy. I always forget this and what this had done to my mind and body. I get to this right away.
3) Badminton- I am naturally good at this sport and can start this anywhere. I should invest in raquets and some shuttle cocks.
4) Running- Alleviate depression quickly. Run. We are generally running away from our problems, I simply have to start running and problems get left behind faraway.
5) Cooking- Another stress buster, aroma therapeutic way to de stress is cooking. And I love coming up with random foods.
6) Reading- I love reading. I am an addictive reader and can devour books. Perhaps the …

Love the madness..

As the New Year has started.. I have decided I am gonna exceed all the madness i have done so far.. Be madder! There's no time to lose.
..Theres nothing like staying put n gettin used to the madness.. wher you once lost your cool, blamed around.. felt bad.. regained ur self after a loss of time.. This process you see shapes you up. Makes you tougher on the inside.. COz the noise and the madness of this world.. just pressurizes you and pushes you nowhere but on the INSIDE..that big vast world where just You reside. All it takes is perspective. Copyrighted line: Celebrate your tragedies.. Der was just no way better, that GOd could be shouting in your seek the Best for you! Hear it.
Nowadays, I love making mistakes, I love to laze around till the last bell.. wait to see how the person reacts rather than assume his to feel love for those I fight brutally with... I love to stay! Love to be right there.. I can see today that that which we know as Good, nice ...Appro…