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Love the madness..

As the New Year has started.. I have decided I am gonna exceed all the madness i have done so far.. Be madder! There's no time to lose.
..Theres nothing like staying put n gettin used to the madness.. wher you once lost your cool, blamed around.. felt bad.. regained ur self after a loss of time.. This process you see shapes you up. Makes you tougher on the inside.. COz the noise and the madness of this world.. just pressurizes you and pushes you nowhere but on the INSIDE..that big vast world where just You reside. All it takes is perspective. Copyrighted line: Celebrate your tragedies.. Der was just no way better, that GOd could be shouting in your seek the Best for you! Hear it.
Nowadays, I love making mistakes, I love to laze around till the last bell.. wait to see how the person reacts rather than assume his to feel love for those I fight brutally with... I love to stay! Love to be right there.. I can see today that that which we know as Good, nice ...Appro…