Who Do I Think I Am

We all have days of different intensities.. Some days we feel enlightened and sorted, some days we wonder if that was true. I feel its enough that such times should come and spoil my time till I feel better again.
Hence I am going to remind myself of things that do not cross my troubled mind.

1) Music- My happy pill. Instant, guaranteed uplifter.
2) Life Membership For Swimming- This is water therapy. I always forget this and what this had done to my mind and body. I get to this right away.
3) Badminton- I am naturally good at this sport and can start this anywhere. I should invest in raquets and some shuttle cocks.
4) Running- Alleviate depression quickly. Run. We are generally running away from our problems, I simply have to start running and problems get left behind faraway.
5) Cooking- Another stress buster, aroma therapeutic way to de stress is cooking. And I love coming up with random foods.
6) Reading- I love reading. I am an addictive reader and can devour books. Perhaps the only time when I forget myself, hunger, thirst and sleep.
7) Singing- I am a RockStar! Again something I forget.
8) Photographer- I am naturally blessed again.
9) Dancing- I can beat anyone here. My confidence here has been unshaken. I must simply start it.
10) Stylist- I haven't yet seen the style I can carry on anyone else. I am a fashion non conformist. I make my own fashion.
11) Blog- Here it is. :)
12) Film maker/Writer- Yes baby!
13) A much better human that my understanding.
Also endowed with a great career..

I am way better off in my own style with my best. Thank you Me.
You make my life worth it! Here I begin.. 


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