Fool's Paradise

Lets talk today about the fool's paradise - marriage! Not all may agree.. but when did I write about agreeable stuff anyways..

So as far as those who have woken up from the amazing Matrix set around us in reality.. Marriage is glorified slavery. Tie down someone no matter what.. 'u happy not happy.. baby u married' No questions asked. 
Lets define marriage - It kills what two ppl shared as individuals and turns them into these zombies tied down by fragile, recycled papers and with a million expectations of everyone whose business it is not. 
Its not a cynical definition, its how we spend our life. I did not wake up today n decide to kick the ass of this ridiculous institution. But I wanna talk about it.. why not. 

Its where you see lawyers lust at you because you wanna have that one recycled piece of paper to separate you from someone you are long over with. Unlike a wedding, no one really comes to be with you. You are alone. 

We are waking up to the disgraced treatment metted out to women in this land of democracy n blah blah bullshit. No one gets spared you see. We maybe city girls. We maybe really good. We may not be sleeping around. But we roam around with a tag. A tag that is already entrusted on us. The tag with which everyone is going to talk to you. 

I would like to leave it all behind. I would like to start afresh. I would love to fall in love. But nope, the judgement is not going to leave me alone. I cannot simply marry someone. I will be tried, tested with fire before I am approved. 
I will be married to out of pity, sympathy or maybe money if I end up earning that much. 

I want to love, be loved.. for who I am. Its not simple I realized. And one failed marriage somehow is a PHD  in learning to live for yourself with ample love. You don't need judgments, you don't need nosy relatives and you don't need people to sniff your pussy for anything wrong. Curiosity can kill the libido as well forget the cat. 

'You can't be married and innocent.' It makes you wise. It teaches you public relations and people skills. Most of all, manipulation. 

This institute and the perpetual lie of monogamy for life was started for selfish purposes- that of inheritance. Who will the property go to after I die..ohh my blood ofcourse! As long as we were nomads, we were not mad. Then settlement demanded a society, a God that needed to be feared.. so everything was conveniently created. Our brains started working accordingly. Religion happened, mytho stories happened and now they are deeply rooted in our system. 

I am against a system which says this is the only way to be with someone. I feel its only in individual freedom will he/she choose to be with someone but out of choice. That is the way of life. And I had the privilege to be a part of such undefined relationships where words and we both were out of place but the heart was at home n peace. 

No judgement.



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