What is Forever?

Our eternal belief, ingrained deep inside us - forever. We love everything which is forever. We want everything to last forever. We buy things that will last forever or at least wish they would.

Our relationship with forever decides our relationships as well. Who just falls in love today? We fall for an idea of forever. Anything that makes us feel better in the moment, wanting to make it last for a lifetime..we make our pick accordingly.
We do not invest in anything without a guarantee. It is ok with life insurance policies or lifetime membership of clubs. But I wonder if most of us will ever wake up to letting some things in life just take their own course.

We plan so much, we feel life is in our control. And when life surprises us which it is supposed to, we come up with all the drama to pacify ourselves.

Nothing is forever. This moment is forever. When I love someone and I want them forever its in this moment.    
You understand this once you have lived through a forever. You will realize its not a forever. Its till change do us apart.

I am Me and I can be a different Me and same is the case with you. If we still yearn and long for each other while we grow yes we can deal with a forever.

Its forever that is ever changing and we have no option but to brace ourselves and take it in our stride. Then, we won't be disappointed.


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