Clean your slate

'Man's mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.'

What are you made of? You are cells, tissues, blood, heartbeat, thoughts.. What is your personality? Is it your thoughts..yes your thoughts over a lifetime. Thoughts become beliefs, beliefs become character. Its the hugest investment in your life. Your beliefs and your experience make up your personality.
So basically your personality is nothing but your baggage. No baggage is no personality. Which is then the samadhi state of realization that you are One with the Universe.

As much it is important to be the Person that you are as of now, it's important for some introspection to seep into your routine life from time to time to clean your slate.
We are humans. The base of our instincts and our knowledge is the wisdom of the evolution over all the years. We are bound to compare, judge. No matter how much we want we cannot escape these attributes because these are our own.

So take your time and clean up the residue that may stick around in your mind. So that you can allow the newer experiences and wisdom to take root.


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