Good ol' hair days

Whatever happened to men with nice, flowing, silky hair..
This thought perturbed me whenever I saw a hot piece of ass and moved my eyes up.. 'Yikess! The hair.'
You may think me judgemental and very hair freaky but I did not pay much attention to it till ofcourse it was mentioned to me as to what a hair really is to a man.

I always loved the eyes. A freely given smile or a hearty laugh and I was done. I was never really into a man's body as such. I hated over worked out looks. Those 'watermelons under my under arms and awkward walk coz I forgot to work my legs out' - loathe it.
Over gelled, martian looks, eyebrows better than mine and cleaned up skin - god I need men back.

I dated someone with the hair of a porcupine. Everytime I wanted to express my fondness and move my hand into his hair I got the red flag - "It takes too much effort to set them like that. Ohh. I gelled my hair too young and now I have very rough, straight growth of hair. So please, don't touch my hair."
You cannot not touch someone's hair when you are into them. All this caution-precaution finally caught my attention to the hair. And as I saw closely, men no more had those flowy, soft hair and they fuss about you touching them.

I was missing the hair suddenly. I wanted to rub someone's hairdo and wanted them to smile about it. I was getting yelled at instead. Damn those ads and films that show a chick doing that to the guy's hair and it being an act of affection.

I was then wandering around just looking at hair, seeing the patterns. What have these people done to their hair. And just once in a while I would get a glimpse of some bouncy, healthy, soft hair on a man and I would go awww... that! I wanna feel that.

Its a year since I have these hairy thoughts and now I have a classic man who I can just keep looking and appreciating like a piece of art. He has the eyes, the smile, the twinkle, THE HAIR - soft and I can feel them as much as I want to and the most amazing skin that I have ever felt. None of those weirdass notions exist, no nakhraas...
Don't know but I think I fell for the hair on the head and the lack of it everywhere else.....



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