Its magic on the floor

A free spirit,
A laugh fresh from inside,
A smile that kills,
as he sways to the rhythm of life
I love to watch him dance..

Who cares about perfection,
when you are on the floor,
and care he doesn't
as he moves to the beat,
and the music

His body flows like a wave,
his energy comes hurtling at me,
as I clasp in his awesomeness..
That it could be such a delight
to express oneself..

The magic engulfs, as I
let my hair do the talking,
we move and fly across the floor,
in a slow rhythm,
as goes in my imagination

I reach for his smiling face,
and enlighten my own...
we share the laugh,
spill the happiness,
and float around,
to someone else.

Grooving to the heartbeat,
swaying like the blood
all alive, yes this is life.
But who can explain,
that killer smile,
n the feelings that arise
All in me.


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