Story Teller

In my respite of just meeting people and figuring out things with their opinions n guidance, I unearthed some interesting facts about people. Well for me, I have always been this person to have asked my friends, peers what would they do in my situation and what best should I do for myself. Right now, it sounds stupid to me as well. But looking at the brighter side I have observed people long enough that they ended up completely revealing themselves to me. Towards the end of the talk, it used to only be about what they think is the best for them and how well it works. 

I think asking for help, generally is interpreted to that person that somebody is asking for a way of life. And they start to preach you about how you must live your life, make your choices. 

For me it worked. I completely lost focus of my problems as my mind got fodder to churn. And it was interesting to note the different characters hidden under those people. As a film maker, this is crucial research information. And I plan to really showcase people. Emotions, reactions.. endless and unpredictable. Because human as a resource is the most comprehensive, difficult to gauge and endless. 

I would like to thank a lot of such fellows in my life..who have opened up not just their regular but 'other side' and yes everyone has an other side. And its lovely. Everyone has a rationale behind their choices as to what suites them. And its no longer a world of black and white, its only grey. 

Everyone is right in their own Story. 


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