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Tis a Saturday Night ;)

A slow day... I love differentitating days based on feelings. A day where I wanted to run, but it wanted me to slow down. A perfect wine n titbits day to go with mindless sitcom watching, laughter n me time before I find another song on the sound track and start grooving like there is no tomorrow.

My days are pretty much routine, n I intend to be a little more smooth with the operations. My priorities settled, it should be easier to operate around the clock. But sometimes, I sway to my own rhythm.

Like checking out the supermarket just like that, buying second hand magazines, trying out clothes not at all interested in buying, creating my own version of the last Adele song I heard and wishing someone recorded the audio and video simultaneosly. Watching a crap movie to bash the hell out of it, calling a random friend and making him talk on controversial subjects and laughing away in silence on the other end of the phone. Purposely mixing up dishes in the kitchen and wonder how it tast…