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In Security!

Security. Did I sum it all up when I say this word. I hear this word a lot. Infact, I have been hearing for as long as ever from my parents, peers, mentors, teachers. Why is security such a big deal. Life is nothing but perpetual uncertainty yet planning, society norms, rituals and paperwork is something we depend our life on.

There are two aspects to this. One is when you really freak out and do everything it takes to secure yourself. You will count what you do, what you get. Give as much as you get and never get into a risky scenario.
Most of the general public lives by this.
Then there is a maddening aspect - where you will build yourself strongly for every insecurity, keep replaying the lack of it in your head and wait for it to actually happen in your life so you feel good you invested in a kind of security insurance program. (Well I don't think even being prepared for your worst loss actually subtracts anything from the pain you may feel then.) But as we evolved and lost ou…