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Simplicity - the ultimate sophistication?

Such a simple statement in the words of Leonardo Da Vinci. Sounds good to hear but it is such an irony. Simplicity and sophistication, sophistication is intricate to say the least and simple just seems simple.
Simplicity does not seem to be so simple afterall.

While trying to keep things simple, the doer shall realize exactly how tough is actually gets. Its not so simple to be or do simple.

I crave a simple life. In my definition, simple entails non-complex thinking and simple expectations and simple demands, minimum stress relationships. I have the clarity that this is what I want. Yet while dealing with my simple desires when I check on my thinking, its way complex. My situations and events perpetuate in my head more than what I envisaged it to be the simple I thought in them.

And I wonder why. Why would it be so difficult to have it simple? Apparently to have it stress free and smooth would mean having a lot of the complex dealt with way before it starts to look simple and easy. C…

......To Be Rescued

One of the tragic expectations that gets embedded in us since our younger years, is our waiting for some knight to ride to us and rescue us from whatever situation we could be in. Now translating to a real world scenario, any risk situation which we want to run away from is a problem and anyone who shows you a little hope that time or gives us those temporary wings (could be a doobie for sakes) is interpreted as the knight in shining armor.

Look at the obsession we have with the super heroes and their advancements with the passage of time. We still believe there is the one out there. Either they could be Gods or demi gods. We also have a variety to choose from who rescues us. For sometime when good was no more prevailing over evil and evil was suddenly glamorous.. my rescue came in the form of dark characters like evanescence songs, the Joker from The Dark Knight or the negative characters from our movies or series like Dexter.
I was totally in awe of the negative portrayal of a hero…