......To Be Rescued

One of the tragic expectations that gets embedded in us since our younger years, is our waiting for some knight to ride to us and rescue us from whatever situation we could be in. Now translating to a real world scenario, any risk situation which we want to run away from is a problem and anyone who shows you a little hope that time or gives us those temporary wings (could be a doobie for sakes) is interpreted as the knight in shining armor.

Look at the obsession we have with the super heroes and their advancements with the passage of time. We still believe there is the one out there. Either they could be Gods or demi gods. We also have a variety to choose from who rescues us. For sometime when good was no more prevailing over evil and evil was suddenly glamorous.. my rescue came in the form of dark characters like evanescence songs, the Joker from The Dark Knight or the negative characters from our movies or series like Dexter.
I was totally in awe of the negative portrayal of a heroine in a suspense thriller of the 1990s. I looked at people I hated with that cold look and prided that it worked. It kept the menace away. My rescue princess was loved.

Times change. Our novelty is ever fading. New subjects take our fancy, but our need remains pretty much the same. Its like addiction. If you got over one thing, you catch on something else as your new occupation of the time that the addiction leaves bare suddenly.

There is so much of R rated stuff bombarded on us through television, advertisements like sex, masochistic twists, fetishes that after the de-sensitization process, we crave something different.
No wonder then the now in vogue - SHERLOCK, Benedict Cumberbatch becomes a delight as he repels women on their face and bashes the world left, right and centre and there, he is your modern day hero. You want to talk like that, behave like that - Be a recluse, thwart people around and celebrate your obsession as a way of life. He has been a rescue for a voracious appetite of gay abandon and women who were wanting something apart from knifed abs worth grating cheese.

What I intend to bring to attention is number one - our mind is running out of novelty to experiment and bring excitement to our fast but now mundane routine lives and number two - our deep want of wanting to be rescued.

A sign of heroism - even if that is emotional abuse actually and we spread our arms to be rescued. We are looking for heroes and we aren't finding any. Every one from your politicians to nations are now in the sweltering, swelling technology ridden media for being equal confusing and troubled normal human beings who fall prey to lust, greed and self-indulgence. Higher the power rank more the indulgence. Like the Berlusconis of the world, they must be congratulating themselves for getting a good chunk of PR done while they did it all. How much coverage is given to someone who tried making a real difference to real world problems. After the affairs of the great come the wardrobe malfunctions of the Not-So-big and then there. They made it Big!

I am sure Timothy Mac Veigh had a minimalistic fan following because he was a good looking terrorist who was executed for the Oklahoma Bombings which was a horribly sensational attack before the 9/11 attacks.

Is there a rescuer? Who is it? I would say it is a trend setter who may take things to the next level of Difference making. In the world of followers, what entails as rescue?

I am concluding this one.


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