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The Myth that is Plan B

There really must be a change in the way a parent communicates to the child. Why I would say so? Coz its so damning to know those imprints remain on your mental screen space for a long time. Undoing those is an effort of a lifetime. There are some fears instilled in you. You are made to sleep, act in a certain way by use of fear as a tool. When you grow up fine, the fears don't just go away. They make you live your life always hoping to have a cushion bed to fall on or to avoid risks altogether. 
I wondered why with every situation that did not go in my favor did I hear a faint voice asking me "now what?" .. and "what if i had". So apparently this scenario becomes so scary that everytime I do anything or face any event, I try to avoid going into now what and take solace in the fact that I will always have a 'Backup plan' .. Plan B
The focus of where do I put my emotions take us strongly onto the side of waiting for the disaster to happen and the kick of a…