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I would not have thought I could be quiet. I suffered a writer's block. Jaded thinking. I fell ill and lost my sleep. I exceeded my thinking and analyzing capacity completely. Post all this, I needed the time to recover and be fine. 

so this big break... What the hell was I doing or overdoing... I read into stuff or I read about stuff to read into. I get obsessed about possessing a certain idea or explanation within my mental bounds or anything which exceeds them. Letting go is a virtue I haven't learned really. 
There is an idle mind that frets just like my heartbeat which is obvious to me being alive. Wonder where it became so synonymous with living 

One trip home and one check of the reality sets something on fire, another reference of something thats never going to disappear no matter how you overlook it and a certain sense of unjust and unfair scheme of things in the present moment determines a certain pulse in my head that starts to flow and connect the segregated fuel drop…