Advice is a form of nostalgia

Look what it came to. It chased me down like I was the last train of the night. Advice. The vice of advice.
I have a bunch of mortals who unseemingly continue playing a role not there in the script.

There was a time I was addicted to talking. Talking, talking, talking. Full of doubts, what ifs, worst case scenarios discussion. Options of choosing different personalities as if they were just characters to wear. I would not deny the particular time that this talk would actually help me stay sane. You see its the same thing with a medicine. You need it for a while as a course and then you better not take it if you intend to stay fit and fine. You have to stop taking the medicine when you are no longer sick.

A range of different age groups have been bitten by the Bored Sneha bug and the infection continues to haunt them. All it takes is me to appear in front and out comes the slumbered virus.

Just a few days ago, someone completely spoiled my coffee time with a back to back talk of things I seriously was not interested in hearing. Even if I wanna say hi, it is interpreted as a call for help. When did it get so bad? Its a sad fact that there was left no polite way to get out of this. It got ugly. The words that leave my mouth at such times are sharp, crisp and all the things they don't want to hear. Wonder why I wait for so long.

Most talks are unnecessary. Most meetings of 'Hi, whats up?' are a waste. Trust me I did not think so a while back. I thought it took the real me to go for some networking to happen.
Obviously you always connect with people. Stuff has to happen and a million different heads are going to clash over stuff. I no longer think its wise to put up with stuff one doesn't want to. Time is precious and one gets to decide what is it that really matters to one. What is important and whats not.
My 'Advice' would be please stop advising. I have never heeded it and won't ever. And I no longer mind drinking my coffee alone.


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