Monday, August 17, 2015

Blue Night

I love the paradox of the light that has been gifted to us by nature. Night.
Technically, the absence of light.

Whats so wonderful about the night. It ends the day. It puts the reverberating energy to rest. One feels the stillness of the world as the mortals around you retire to dreams and REM. It is that time of a day that rejuvenates the tired senses in deep slumber. The mind gets to slow down.

It is also a time when I feel my demons go back to the closet. I get to have that space to let myself free. There is no prejudice, no explanations to anyone about how you feeling or how you stare at the night lit ceiling or wonder at the clarity you start gaining in darkness.
I can wriggle in the sheets to stretch my body to a limit I can. I feel the millions of sensations that my body goes through before it starts to take my consciousness away.
I get to dream about the life that I love and to design my world with regards to my present scenarios, well no actually. I design a world far surreal and away than the present.
It has lot of floating in space and touching the beauty of nature. I dream of caressing lions and tigers and getting smothered in their love. Or a hundred puppies running towards me and filling me up with ecstasy.

Sometimes I run at the speed of light and this imagination has always made me feel so energized.
I talk to plants and they respond to me.
The best time is when I reminisce beautiful moments I spent in the arms of a lover and I enhance the setting, background by a change of seasons. I place both of us in a cozy setting at the top of mountains or great places that I see in magazines and feel the rush of winds in my ears as I hold his hand tightly. It is awesome to share the zest of life with your loved one.
Mesmerizing kisses and the wonderfully melting waist grabs.

Some days I also jump off tall buildings and high points and experience the exhilaration of falling without any control. This imagination helps to let go of a lot of beliefs that are troubling me concurrently in the day. Much like the Evanescence video Bring me to life.

There are beautiful notes of music that I hum to. There is always a background score running in my head any moment. Most mornings I get up and a song is stuck in my head all day.

I wish that there would be a recording device so that I can share this world as it plays in my head.

Its good to write down the beauty of dreaming and lucid dreaming. As you know it is imagination, so it goes in the other direction as well. Some days I give myself such nightmares, they affect me for long.

The night is thus a neutral. I feel like it is a beautiful,cool canvas. The only one which can be illuminated by stars and shining objects.

This canvas is my playground and yes it has to be painted with all colors but black and dark. Contrast it is.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Coastal Venom

Coastal Venom

October 14, 2012 at 5:49pm

Just like these last 4 weeks another day starts without any to do list. I have become used to To -Do list and I achieve calm once I strike out stuff on the list.
Again its a Sunday.. possibly the only positivity is that  I always hate Sundays and wait for my Mondays.
I get up late and enjoy my cuppa of coffee. My thoughts are brewing since way before I wake up. My mom is in a lazy mood as well. Post breakfast, everything laid out on the kitchen platform are leftover foods.
Sunday, the system especially starts craving the sea food, freshly made spicy curries and freshly steamed rice. I was not going to be able to fool my system.
I was watching Masterchef Australia back to back. By the start of the second episode around 3.30 pm, I was churning inside with hunger.

I went to the kitchen 10 times and I must have checked my refrigerator 20 times.. every fourth time, I popped some look like of Ferrero Rochers. I wanted some good food. Alas, with my nth time visit to the fridge.. I saw a tetra pack of coconut milk, some chopped cabbage. Rest was easy to spot.. Garlic, turmeric, curry leaves, red chilly spice, and some macaroni.

Like a Matt and George judging me on my time and skills, I got to a timed making of some new dish. It started being chinese with cabbage and garlic, turned indian with turmeric and curry leaves and went on become thai with the coconut milk and spice.
Finally with some macaroni and salt, sugar - it was clearly 'Untitled'.

Whats special about this particular combination is using cabbage in the milk. Cabbage notoriously grabs off all flavors and adds it's tinginess to the preparation. Hence the choice of spices and style of cooking becomes vital. The turmeric and garlic went very well with the cabbage but it took away the sweetness of the milk. Hence a little sugar. Honey could also be used once the curry loses its boiling temperature.

Served with rice, this concoction just reminded me of my converstion with my old friend about our coastal food yearnings. And I rightfully decided to name it, Coastal Venom. :)
This venom was yumm...