Monday, May 2, 2016

Random Thoughts in a train journey

A good break from driving my car around is the time to look out of a running train, sit and ponder about things and observe people. I was on my way to a destination of exploration hence my mind was open and wandering in a rhythm. 
I made it a point to note my thoughts. So here is a glimpse.
Look at this fast train going out of town. It doesn't care about the city, its people crossing or shitting. It is determined to make it to its destination. The head of the train pulls along its entire trail and reaches its destination on time. Such should be a vision. You have got to have a drive in your head that blows anything that comes your way and reach where you have to. 
Have you stopped to notice how small kids talk to themselves, make up stories and enact them right where they are. What a wonderful and natural creativity is given to us. Its a craft we do so naturally when our minds have not yet known the constraints of the adult life. 
Yes I chose. When I failed to find a meaning, I decided to create one. I stepped out in a bright sun to ride across town to see something that is thousands of years old. A historical place where I want to wonder what they thought when they were here. Maybe we will find a connect. After all the same wisdom is buzzing inside me. Hence I am seeking it. 
Noise - especially the one at home. You hate it, you hated it all your life. But you dread to be without it. Because whats tough is to know your problem that you could feel sorry for is no longer around. Silence is therefore a true test of our relationship with ourselves.
When the imposing outer world slows down and you catch up to your own beating, you will have to accept that there is no one else. Everything is your creation. Take charge. 
Lastly travel. Just travel. Walk on and you shall find the road just as you shall find your self. 

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Tez Dhaar

No introduction is needed for Sanjay Dutt, next in line worshipped after Salman Khan.

A tribute to an actor who really has never been an actual favorite of mine. I have liked his roles in bits and pieces. I had a chance to work in his co founded company Super Fight League in 2012 when it was to be launched. A grand launch and it continues its reign in a lesser known arena of Mixed Martial Arts.

Of all these years, the only thing that I totally like about him is the song that he sang in the Sanjay Gupta directed film Musafir. 'Tez Dhaar' I have never seen the video of this song until now that is.
I find this song to be the most melodious, subtle and inexplicably catchy.

Its about a bhai, and he explains the life of a gangster in the best of beats.

It is rhythmic, melodious and completely carries his voice and attitude over the duration of the track.

There is a small realization here. Ofcourse, it is my blog so a conclusion is in order. :)

We can never be sure of what we will like or dislike and for how long. I have started noticing and appreciating people, skills, experiences that I would have ignored earlier. Change is indeed constant.

I continue to humm to the song just the way he does. And he can humm. notice it in the adjoining audio.