Non defined

October 19, 2013 at 5:07pm

You make me come to something I cannot define,
hear you talk to me heart to heart, 
I felt we never grew apart..
It feels fonder everytime I connect to you
mesmerized by how we could stay through

The years, moments n time didnt matter
We lived through that space that was ours, 
had no idea about the hours, 

Our space, not corresponding to time of the day
we just knew and our hearts found the way

A liberation of the soul that was born to love, 
Risen above, unconditioned and reborn,
flying free and higher

That which has no word, that which has no meaning, 
means so much more than any
where we fall silent, 
yet words so many

they, which shake the being inside, 
I feel my facades fading away
as I melt into my ecstacy of vulnerable
and envelope around You,

Till our eyes fill with dew
and we merge into the stare,
not as me and you 
but a soul parted in two.

                                                                                             - Sneha Mallya 


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