The Bad Day..

January 30, 2013 at 2:23pm
This day and I exist together in this life as an on n off passionate relaitonship. As much as it wants to come into my life, I keep watching over the kerb awaiting its arrival in my well sprung, fairytale life. We hate each other,but we can't live without the other.
Just when life is fancier and dreamlike and I begin to float in my narcissistic aroma, the bad day takes things into charge and snaps me back to reality. Its the day where everything, trust me, everything goes just wrong. Miscommunication - maybe it is the villain but I shall not give it direct credit. Its the bad day that causes miscommunication to happen.
Nothing works out, what has worked out goes right out the window.. all the dearth of worst comes flying from nowhere. There is a constant need to keep on correcting what someone has to feel about me. Not one or two, just a family member but anyone or everyone I meet. Its like I can't just exist .. I need to roam around with an explanation certificate.

I can't just have a headache and take my medicine for it. I cannot acknowledge it and I should respect someone else's priorties. If I can't bend my head for you, I am worthless.The bad day wins when someone condemns me for wanting to have a coffee at whatever the fuck time of the day and I am labelled. Thats it. The bad day deserves one whack on its ass.

Gettting out my home, and my revenge mode gets activated. I have two mugs of coffee and write the most blatant writing of this time. Meet a third person and don't throw my frustration on them. I help a friend with a presentation. Lend my earphones to someone (that's huge for me). Bad day ke maa ki aankh! You can't get the worst you wanted from me.

I win. 


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